Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cemetery Field Trip

Today I went to see my friend again and continue with our photo sessions. Well, of course, that was after we first had our all-Pinoy-Feast “pig-out” part 2. Today, I cooked “sinigang na baboy” [pork and veggie in tangy tamarind broth] with sliced fresh tomato and “bagoong” [sautéed shrimp paste] sidings. It was terrific. After lunch we went for another walk and this time we went to the cemetery. Hahahaha. Yes, of all places… we decided to have our picture taking in the cemetery.

Unlike from where we came from, cemetery here in Maine is not scary. I found it peaceful, serene and breathtaking, figuratively speaking [not literally.] So here are the photos of the cemetery.

My friend's daughter Maya imitating the angel.

Porter Cemetery.

Amazing maple trees at Porter Cemetery.

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Karen and Gerard said...

I find cemeteries peaceful as well, but they may be spooky at night.