Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barbie and the Ballerinas

I had other plans last Saturday. I was planning to ask Hubby to bring me to Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire so I can see the foliage in White Mountains at vantage point. But Hubby had an upset stomach and our supposedly day trip to NH turned out to be a constant trip to the toilet.

Anyway, Medy [my only Pinay BFF here in Maine] saved my day. No, we didn’t go to NH but at least I was able to leave the house after a full week of solitary imprisonment. Hahahaha. Medy asked me to go with her and Maya and another Pinay, Roselie to the dance school where she enrolled Maya for a Ballet Class.

Maya was so excited of her new school. She is only 3 and still not schooling so I guess this new activity for her is really something big. She must have been tired of playing with all those Barbies already so she needs to play with real Barbie. I am referring to her Ballet Teacher whose name is Barbie… seriously.

Oh well, Barbie has only 3 students and they had fun leaping… hopping… twirling… pirouette-ing… and giggling. We had fun watching the ballerinas too doing all those crazy stuff [what do you expect from 3-year old little girls?] so my Saturday turned out to be a fun day because of Maya.

After the Ballet Class I was thinking of enrolling in a Dance Class too. Geez... I don't know. Maybe I am crazy or just like Maya I need some kind of socialization too. But I am a good dancer. I am boasting and I am proud of it. I used to dance in our School Programs where teachers have their own number. Oh well, I will think about it. What do you think?

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