Friday, October 24, 2008

When Will I Stop?

There are times that I am feeling crafty. The only problem with me that I easily lost interest with what ever project I would start. That is why, there are lots of projects that I started that are now accumulating dust somewhere in every nook and cranny of the cellar.

I once got interested in beadings. I made lots of fashion accessories made of beads. I bought a lot of beads and other beading materials thinking that I will come up with a business out of it. Then I realized there are lots of people who are into it and who make better accessories than I do so I stopped.

Then my friends started doing some crocheted stuff and since I know a bit about crochet I also did that. I bought a lot of thread, hooks and patterns and thought of doing lots of stuff for the craft fair. I did finished one project which is a two-piece bathing suit which I gave to my step-daughter as a birthday gift. But then I realized to that my work was not as good as my friend’s so I stopped.

Now, I started doing digital scrapbooking which I learned through blogging and did self-study and experimentation. I bought some software on digital scrapbooking and downloaded more from the internet. I did some little stuff and even started a new blog called scrappy thingy just to publish my finished work. Now, I realized that some people’s works are also better than mine so I stopped.

Oh well, maybe someday I will surely have the burning desire to do something without stopping. And when that time comes, I will not stop until I am done.

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