Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What’s Cooking Now?

If you have noticed I was bitching about my cooking skill lately. It’s not that Hubby is complaining about it. He never complains. That is one good thing about him… he would just eat anything I offer him and he is happy as long as I feed him. Well, as my friend Soy said and I quote…“husbands who depend on their wives for food shouldn't complain. It could be crunchy or slimy, sweet or bland, but if it's made with love, who cares?” and I agree with her.

As I have said my hubby never complains, it is actually me who complains about my own cooking. I felt that everything I cook is the same – boring and without character. I need something that will not only make me a plain housewife but something like Brie of Desperate Housewives and make a real career out of it. Who knows? I might make it big in the cooking business. Oh well, it will be meal time again. Normally, I would google recipes online for meal inspiration but today, I googled about Culinary Schools online. Well, I was looking for some ideas that will help me with my culinary crisis and I thought… a culinary course is the answer.

Then I stumbled upon this Culinary Schools USA which provides online information on everything about Culinary Arts. They have lists of the Culinary Schools by Locations and provide Reviews of these schools to give you clear idea of what these schools offer. They also have lists of the different Culinary Careers and Training that can help you decide on that aspect. And they also provide online culinary course, which for me is the most ideal course for those stay-at-home wives like me.

Actually, I got the idea from my cousin from California who took the course at san francisco culinary academy and who now has her own food catering business. So, if you are like me who wanted to take your cooking skill to the next level… check out Culinary Schools USA, I’m sure there is one school near you… or enroll online.

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