Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Alibi for Shopping

It’s Fall again and it is my favorite season. The trees are again dressed in its colorful “hue’ and I started organizing my closet again. You know, bringing out those totes where I kept my fall/winter clothes. I started sorting out the clothes to find out which ones still fit me and which ones need to be donated because for some reason, they shrunk. Hahaha. Then find out also if I need to buy new ones and have an alibi to go shopping. Yehey!

It’s Fall again and it is my favorite season not just because of the beautiful and amazing foliage but because of fashion. Yep… I love fall because of fall fashion. I love wearing coat, scarf, fancy legwear and boots. And for my Leggings… I get mine from “HUE” because they have the largest and fastest growing brand in Department Stores and I love their quality. So for my legwear, I go to and shop online because it’s easy, practical and more convenient for me.

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