Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Blues

It’s another Monday. I don’t like Monday. But I love the song … I don’t like Monday. It’s the start of the week and everybody is busy and will be out of the house except me. I made Hubby his favorite breakfast… ham and cheese omelet. Did I tell you that I sealed the deal with my Hubby with my famous “ham and cheese omelet”? Oh well, now you know. Hubby is not a fussy eater so I guess he was just telling me that he fell in love with my omelet to make feel good about my cooking.

It’s another Monday and I still feel sleepy and wanted to stay in bed quite a bit. But I can’t. Hubby has to go to work and Brandon has to go to school. I did my duty as a devoted wife and a good step-mother. When everybody is gone, I went back to the kitchen and fixed myself a breakfast… sat in front of the computer and started blogging. So what else is new?

It’s another Monday and I will be waiting for the weekend day after day. And I will whine about routine until the next Monday again. Life is a breeze, ain’t it?

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