Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping for Tools is Fun Too

I love shopping. Who doesn’t? It may be strange but I enjoy shopping with Hubby. Shopping for carpentry materials and tools, that’s what I mean. I didn’t like it at first though, but since I am not too busy and since I learned how to drive, personal driver is now added to my job description. So I have no choice but to go with Hubby to the construction stores. I didn’t like it at first but eventually I enjoyed going with Hubby picking up construction materials. I learned a bit about them too because I am also his personal secretary cum budget officer.

The other day he needed some wood drill bits and I found them at Onsrud.com. Onsrud.com is the world’s leading manufacturer of router bits which was invented in 1920 by its founder Oscar Onsrud. Today, they produce high quality drill bits for all types of building materials like wood, plastic, composite and metal. Their plastic drill bits are among the most versatile designed products they supply.

One good thing about shopping online is that, I only need my mouse to do the job and I don’t have to drive down the store to buy and pick up the materials. With Onsrud.com, shopping is a breeze and delivery is fast.

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