Saturday, October 25, 2008

Between Safe Bathing and Awesome Scenery

Hubby is now working on a new project in New Hampshire. His client is a retired couple who are both diabetics. One special request that they asked my husband to do with their new home was to make a nice bathroom for them where they can see the White Mountains while they are soaking on the tub. And since they both find it hard to go in the tub without the fear of slipping or having an accident they specifically mentioned that they want to have one of those walkin tubs installed instead of a regular tub.

As usual, Hubby asked me to search online for walk in tubs and is the company that provides an exclusive line of walk in tubs, the Hydro-Elite Bath Tub Series. Their walk-in tubs are specially designed to give comfort, safety and ease of use because they come with low 6-step doorsills and safely bars that give user peace of mind.

Hubby had their tub delivered and it was strategically positioned in the couple’s Master Bathroom where he also placed a huge window where they can see the outdoor scenery of the White Mountains.

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