Monday, October 13, 2008

the Making of a football step-mom

I’m still raging about the football game last night and even dreamt about it. The Patriots lost big time to San Diego Chargers and 3-30 was the final score when I saw it in the news this morning.

You see, I already changed the channel when Matt Cassel wasn’t able to touch down at 1 yard. It was crazy. In fairness to Matt – I know he is pressured because of Tom Brady’s good reputation. But the least he could do is use his common sense. C’mon, I don’t know anything about football but I know when the game sucks. It sucked big time. Hubby was already passed snoring at that point. He was not saying anything but I know he was pissed when he saw how the Patriots played in the first quarter. So I was alone fuming.

Oh well, there is one thing for sure… if Sarah Palin is a Hockey Mom… I will surely be a Football Step-Mom.hahahaha

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