Friday, October 24, 2008

No More Alibis

My friend was complaining to me about chores. You know housewives… we always complain and we need someone to listen to our complaints because our Hubbies are already numbed by our complaining dispositions and no longer give any reaction… so it is no longer fun complaining that is why we need another person who is equally expert on that department. Hahahaha.

Anyway, she was complaining about football. Sounds familiar? Yes, I can relate to it. She said that she cannot ask her husband or her eldest son to help him with errands or simple things to do around the house. Their alibi – football! They can’t miss any single game or sports news about football. And she was fed up. So she asked my expert opinion on football.My advice… and she did just want I taught her. Now every time that her husband or son will use the word “football” as an alibi to avoid chores or errand… she will say… “Football can wait… I can’t!”

And why not? With just a click of the mouse the Latest Football News can be accessed through This cool website provides the Latest Sports News and even the College Football Rankings so her husband and her son can no longer use football as an alibi.

With… it's football time, anytime… and no more alibis.

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