Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Customers

From where I came from, a car is a luxury. Only the rich people have cars. And for the rest of us who can hardly make both ends meet, we have lots of options to get around. When I came here in Maine, means of transportation was my main problem. Everything here is so far and I need a car to get me to places.

My Filipina friend in North Carolina had the same problem when she got here in the US. The first thing she did was to look for a reliable used car dealers Wilmington NC. Good thing she was able to find online, the company that offers the largest inventory of pre-owned vehicles in NC. She got her first car from Bruce and after 5 years she is planning to buy a new one again from him because she likes how Bruce treated his customers… like a family and friend. She has the most comfortable experience buying car from Bruce since it was the very first time she ever bought a car.

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