Friday, October 17, 2008

That damn driving test

I flunked my driving test today. This is indeed not a mainly good season for me. I screwed up the driving test for the second time and I am not it the best of my mood again today. My tears fell instantaneously as I saw Hubby walked out of the DMV building towards my car. He already knew by the way he found me that I flunked the test again. And all he said was… "there will be another time". But I don’t want another time. I want my license now. But that doesn’t gonna happen because I flunked that damn driving test again.

I flunked my driving test today. I flunked because I wasn’t able to back up straight. I wasn’t able to do the backing again just like the first time. I also flunked the test because I almost has a collision with another car in the intersection as I was about to turn left. I needed to change lane and I had to look over my left shoulder to make sure that there was no car coming so I can change lane. When I look in front of me there was this car that was not in the right lane and it was too late for me to see it. My bad, so I flunked that damn driving test again.

I don’t wanna flunk another driving test. I’m tired of taking the test in fact. So maybe I will not take anymore driving test. Screw up driving tests. I’ll just stay home and blog till I die. But… I want to have my driver’s license. I badly need my driver’s license. So I am mailing the request form again to get a new schedule for my “third” damn driving test.


Gina lee said...

Sis, dont' give up..When I did my driving test before, I keep on talking to the examiner so that I will feel comfortable driving..and it does help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what ever you do, don't give up, and you'll pass the driving test.

Life is never as easy as we want it to be always, but good things do come to those that stick to the end.

All the best with your next attempt.

Soy said...

I agree with your hubby. You can always do it again. I hope you don't get disheartened too much. At least you didn't bash that other car! hehe I'm sure you'll do better next time. Third time lucky, ika nga. :)

ruthinian said...

@ Gina... I can't give up now Gina... I badly need my license so I can apply for work soon. So I have no choice but to persevere here.

ruthinian said...

@ Driving Instructor... coming from the expert... I guess I really have to take your word for it. I wish I could take the driving test online and get you as my instructor... hahahaha... would you pass me? silly me.

ruthinian said...

@ Soy... hope my 3rd attempt will surely be the lucky one for me and finally get my license.