Thursday, October 23, 2008

Improvised Curb

I practice my backing everyday. I need to. I desperately want to pass my driving test the third time I will take it. I am already tired of going to DMV and torturing myself with anxiety and possible nervous breakdown. Hahahaha. Just kidding.

So, I have to practice hard and I have to practice religiously. But there is a problem. There is no safe road where I could practice my backing. There is no street-less-travelled nearby where I could practice backing up. And there is no curb in our driveway too. So how will I know that I am backing up straight and not backing up to the traffic? I improvised.

I laid all those slabs of woods that Hubby is using as staging for his carpentry work on the ground and there you go… I have my curb. What a brilliant idea!

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