Monday, October 6, 2008

between blogging and chores

After a nice weekend at the Fryeburg Fair where we had a full day of fun eating, watching shows, petting animals, and spending $$$ on this and that, it was time for reconsidering some important tasks that Hubby and I had to do for the longest time now.

Yesterday, Brandon had to go to his mother and Hubby and I stayed home. It was a nice day again yesterday and my hands were full. I had no time to get online, though. Could you imagine that? That was the only time of the week that I didn’t get online. I had more important things to do. It’s not that blogging is not that important to me now. Nope. I just have to take a break from it because I am done with my blog radical facelifts and extreme make-over - thanks to Yep, if you have noticed, this blog had its major reconstruction... for the Nth time. But this time, this is final. This is the best template I ever had for this blog the "Isfahan template". And I am contented... satisfied... and happy now.

I came across with on google and found tons of FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATES from the website. Yes, you read it right... FREE! They have the best templates I've ever seen because they are all user-friendly. And that is the most important feature of the template because if you are like me - who is not a computer savvy and who do not know how to read or understand "html code", you are in cloud nine because everything is easy as ABCs... from lay-outing to installing widgets to customizing - everything is a breeze. They have easy to understand tutorials and tips so you will never get lost and misguided. That is why, I am not bothered with my blogs anymore. I'm all set now.

But with my other important chores... that, I need help which to my dismay... couldn't provide - because they don't have special templates for installing chores and technical support for operating Husband 1.0. hahahaha. So yesterday, was not really a pleasant day. I need to do my general cleaning while Hubby was doing the sidings of the house. That siding thingy has been in the drawing board for more than a year now. And he has not finished it yet. I had to keep him going by doing the house chores which psychologically helped a lot to make him feel guilty for not doing anything while I was having a hard time cleaning the toilet bowl. That worked for me to a certain degree though. I was able to clean the toilet spic and span… mopped the kitchen, dining area and bedroom floors… vacuumed the living room… washed the dishes… washed the monumental laundry and folded them too. Geez… I had super power. After I’ve done all of them, I went outside to mow the lawn... a quarter of its 5 acre property. That one… I did to practice my driving skill. Hahahaha. But Hubby didn’t finish the siding. Oh well, I know it was not that easy but at least he did try. Maybe next week we do the same thing again… talking about routine. Hayyyyy.

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