Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Weekend Shopping in Chinatown

I was off the hook from blogosphere this morning. Well, I deserve a vacation from blogging to unwind and re-align my brain so I would be able to think straight again. I need to think straight because I need to keep my sanity intact for the sake of the holiday season. LOL

This morning, my friend Medy… her husband David and their daughter Maya invited me to go with them to Boston, Massachusetts to pick up David’s sister Diane at the Boston’s Logan International Airport. We left Maine at around 10 in the morning so that we could go to Boston’s Chinatown and check out some Asian products that we [Medy and Me] are dying for.

Me with Medy and Little Maya at the Logan International Airport.

We reached Boston at noontime and we drove around in circles for hundred times [just exaggerating] just to find a parking space because we don’t want to pay $25 for parking in the parking building. After 45 minutes of driving around in circles we finally beat a Mercedes Benz to a 2-hour parking slot by the side of the road in Chinatown Street.

We roamed around the busy street packed with Asian tourists and immigrants alike. We checked out all the stores and bought some goodies. But the most important aspect of our visit in Chinatown was to find the most coveted brand of beer. [I will not divulge the detail here because I will have another post just on that topic alone].

It was my first time to visit a neighboring US state. Oh well, I’ve been to New Hampshire but since it is just an hour drive from here and it is very much the same as Maine, I don’t consider it as different state. Boston is about two hours drive from Maine but Boston is very much different from the city we have here that is why it feels very different as if I am indeed in another state. And though I love the New England ambience with all those century-old buildings that have a certain charm about it… I also wanted to see modern buildings that I see in some travel magazines. I was amazed with the cable-stayed Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

The Bunker Hill Bridge.

Oh well, it was such a quick travel and I was able to take some good photos, some siopao [dim sum] and other Asian delicacies, had a good time and fun with my friends… and the most coveted beer. To sum it up, my weekend is just perfect for now.

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