Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Wear the Pants?

I need to buy new pants for Hubby. But here is the thing. My Hubby is a very picky guy. He is very fussy with clothes. He is very choosy with what he wears because he wants to be comfortable in it. Of course, who doesn’t want that? But here is another thing. My hubby didn’t want me to buy anything at all. He doesn’t want me to spend for new clothes. He said that he is all set with his old ones. And here is another thing. His old clothes are really worn out and I do believe that they need replacement now and pronto.

Most of his clothes are work clothes. His work clothes are also his hunting clothes. And his hunting clothes are also his wash and wear clothes. In other words, most of his clothes are all-around clothes. And with the kind of weather we have here in Maine he definitely needs something durable and practical.

His parts are all worn out and he definitely needs new ones. His pants should be something special because he kneels a lot when he is working on the roof, on the deck, and on the house's foundation. His pants need to be made of special material and design too because he also climbs ladder at the workplace and trees in the woods when hunting. That is why I bought him some new Tactical Pants from just like the old ones he has. offers a wide stock of all tactical pants, shirts, footwear and accessories to choose from. Hubby loves tactical clothing because they are durable and made of good quality materials and they also last longer than ordinary clothes. But what I like about their online store is that, shipment is free if you buy over $50 worth of items so I save on gas and the trouble in going down the store.

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