Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is not Postponed

I beat the alarm clock this morning. I woke up quite early today because I needed to make that first trip to the bathroom. It was about 4:55 am and it was weird that my MIL is not yet awake at that time [so I thought]. She‘s usually up already by 4am and FIL was already out of the house by quarter passed 2 in the morning to go to work. I thought she was just tired the day before because of the Thanksgiving preparation and was still in her bedroom taking extra time in bed sleeping. It was cold and raining out anyway.

I stayed longer in bed too. I had a headache despite the fact that I didn’t have any booze last night. I don’t drink at all anyway and there is no way that I would get hang-over from cranberry juice which I drink a lot for my UTI. At quarter passed nine, somebody opened the door and I jumped out of the bed and went out of the bedroom to check if Brandon ran outside to play. It was just my MIL and Brandon was in the living room watching SpongeBob.

MIL just got home from Walmart. She got up at 4am indeed, and headed straight to Walmart for the 5am store opening to go shopping. Yup, Black Friday madness is indeed very much alive despite the recession. Black Friday craze is very much felt despite the ailing economy. And Black Friday haze will stay forever because Christmas will never be postponed.

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