Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movado Watch for Hubby

My Hubby doesn’t own a decent watch. He is not really a watch-guy. But he is indeed very watchful… whatever [you think] that means. But I am a watch-gal. I love watches and I consider it as an important piece of jewelry. I love watches that I feel naked without it. I love watches and I have a decent collection that I am planning to turn into some heirlooms that my future generation will remember me by. Oh well, I really don’t know about the “will remember me by” part. All I am saying is that, I love watches… period!

My Hubby doesn’t own a watch. So I am planning to buy him one for Christmas. Please, don’t tell him. It supposed to be a surprise. It will be our secret. No, he doesn’t suppose to know about it yet. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog so our secret is safe. This year he will have a Movado Watch that I found at It is a very nice watch that I know he will like and will cherish for a long time. I like watches by Movado because they make one of the best watches in the world. And good thing that offers them at low price. I got a real good deal and a perfect Christmas gift for the Love of my Life.

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