Friday, November 21, 2008

All About Surfing… Online and Otherwise

I am not into surfing. We don’t usually spend lots of time in the beach because up here in New England, the waters are always very cold. My cousin who lives in Hawaii on the other hand, spends all their time in the beach. That is why her sons are all into surfing. Her boys are very crazy about surfing.

This Christmas my cousin wanted to buy some surfboard fins for the boys’ surfboards. But she didn’t want the boys to know, it’s supposed to be a surprise. We chatted online and asked me if I know anything about fins. Of course I know everything about fins, I live in New England. LOL. Of course, I surf a lot… on the internet, that is. So I gave her and we browsed together online to find the things she needs. offers an amazing stock of surfboarding supplies to choose from. They even offer custom-made surfboards and accessories that surfboarders will really go crazy about. So if you are into surfboarding, this is your website and everything is just surf away, both literally and figuratively.

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