Friday, November 14, 2008

I don’t Live in the Box

I’m so tired. I left home early today. I went to DMV to apply for my Driver’s License. I was there already yesterday but I needed more document to prove my residency so I had to come back today.

Today, I brought my Marriage Certificate and 2 signed Affidavit from my Hubby and my friend Medy. It was really a pain in the “you-know-what”. You see, I always use my P.O. Box address when signing any documents because we don't received any mail if we use our physical address. But the DMV guy won’t accept it because the requirement is… physical address. I need to submit a paper that states my name and physical address and not my P.O. Box address because obviously, I can’t live in the box.

So I got to come again today and submit new documents to prove that I don’t live in the box. Finally, everything was alright. I paid $30 for the License Fee which is good for 6 years. Had my digital photo and I’m all set. The Driver’s License will be in the mail in a couple of weeks and I am now ready to look for a real job. Oh well, it’s now about time.

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