Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fan

Sunday nights are football nights. I am a convert NFL fan, I had to admit. Hubby got me hooked.

The Patriots won last night over Miami Dolphins. The score… 48 to 28 was just awesome compared to the last time I watched them played with San Diego Chargers. It was indeed a disaster. Tom Brady was out of the game due to his previous mishap in the field at the start of the season. Matt Cassel was the new quarterback who replaced him and it was the first time I saw him played. The game sucks. The Patriots sucks for they lost to the Chargers. Matt Cassel was sucked 3 times during that game. I wasn’t happy and neither was Hubby.

Yesterday, I tried to watch again. And I was really happy with the way the game was played. Matt Cassel’s performance was just awesome too. He improved a lot. And I can say that he is as cute as Tom Brady. All the disappointment I had before was instantly wiped out. Did I say he is cute? Yeah. I guess he is cute. Repeat… Matt Cassel is cute. [Don’t tell my Hubby I said that, he is already jealous alright. Hahahaha] Oh Geez… He is cute, indeed! *wink.

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