Sunday, June 15, 2008

an AD paid with XOXO

THIS IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT OF GREGOIRE Construction. This is an advertisement paid with LOVE, HUGS and KISSES by the Advertiser. This is an advertisement published for the "Love of my Life".

Hubby is a simple guy. He is a carpenter by vocation. And he builds with passion. He loves what he does. Carpentry is not just a work for him but a special talent innate to him. He has no special education in building and construction and he learned the craft by watching. He has been building for more than 15 long years.

Earlier he was trying hard to search the internet about a website hosting where he can promote his expertise to attract more clients. Hubby does not only build houses… he builds dreams too. He wants to go global this time. He wants to take advantage of modern technology. But the problem is, he is impatient with a few things. Exasperated, he gave up and just watched TV. So I took over. I found a free website for small business and made his personal website to promote his skill.

And so this is an Advertisement published as a Father's Day gift and an act of love.

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Len Lambert said...

This is very sweet.