Monday, June 9, 2008

running out of food

I went for a run today. After five days of bad weather, finally I was able to go for a run again. After a week of eating rice, I gained back the 15 pounds I lost so I got to go for a run again.

Yup, I gained weight. My hubby loves everything Pinoy [food, people and everything else in between). Last week he asked me to cook rice because he said he is already tired of potatoes (boiled, steamed, mashed, deep fried and what not). So being a good wife as I am, I did cook rice and all those Filipino food that I was craving for. And the result, we both gained weight.

Hubby was complaining this morning that the new shorts that I bought him last month won’t fit him. I told him that I will return it to Wal-Mart but he said... No!I will lose weight instead. So I asked him... Should I stop cooking rice and Pinoy food too?He said... No! Just don’t make it too yummy." "Are you kidding me?.. was all I said.

And how will I do that? Here are the culprits. You be the judge.

The Giniling (Sauted ground pork with potatoes, carrots, bell pepper and raisins)

The Pork Adobo (Pork cooked with onion, soy sauce and vinegar)

The Menudo Espanol (Pork, potatoes, vienna sausage and carrots cooked in tomato sauce)

The Pancit (Sauted veggies and pork in chinese rice noodles)

And the steamed rice.


nev said...

yummy tingnan yong mga food mo...

StaLira said...

I love the pancit and giniling. They're my favorite.

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Carlota said...

grabeh naman...yummmmyyyy...merong tira dyan? wink*