Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess who cut dinner last night?

I already cooked chicken thighs - adobo style. I was planning to deep fry the chicken for supper and have the broth of the chicken for my spinach stir-fried in sesame oil. But hubby came home with a grocery bag full of chicken wings, spicy sausages and Chinese sausages. He grilled them for supper. So I just kept my chicken and saved it for our supper tonight and enjoyed my hubby's grilled sausage and chicken wings galore.

My hubby never cooks. He only brews coffee and toasts bread. But last night he thought of giving me a break from cooking and grilled the babies himself. I love the Chinese sausages. It reminds me of “longganisang hamonado” back home.

Oh, I think I need to go for a run now.

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