Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting Ready for Hunting Season

Last weekend, I was enjoying my regular Saturday breakfast-in-bed while watching Good Morning America while my Sweetest was multi-tasking... eating breakfast, watching TV and searching online. Apparently, we was trying to get a hunting license.
Oh yeah, it's deer hunting season again. It's the most awaited season for almost all men here in Maine. Well, I already anticipate it that's why the last time I went shopping at Sam's Club, I got him a pair of camouflage base layer tops and bottom.  See, I don't usually shop for myself. I love shopping for my loved ones too. wink*
Since it is Fall and Maine's weather is kinda cruel, having the right outfit helps. Well, I'm not really too crazy about hunting but since I cannot do anything about it because it's his favorite sports so I might as well accept it. Besides I want my Saturday breakfast-in-bed so much so I don't want to jeopardize that. wink*
The pair of camo was a steal. I paid $11.95 for the tops and same price for the bottom. It's made of microfiber materials so it is good for moisture absorption and quick drying too. He was happy as a kid in a candy store when I gave them to him.

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