Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roses are still Red

I was taking a break when my co-worker excitedly called me to go back to the Y. I was trying to take a nap in my car [as usual] even for just 30 minutes but my reverie was cut short due to the urgency of her call.

I hurriedly got out of my car and ran back to the Y because it started raining again. As I approached the front desk I saw a dozen red roses sitting on the counter. I already had a hunch. It was from Hubby.

It’s our second Wedding Anniversary today. This morning I prepared his lunch but this time aside from the usual sandwich, fruits, juice and chocolate pudding for dessert… I wrapped the card that I bought last week in a plastic bag so that it won’t get wet by the ice pack inside his lunch box.

This is our second year as husband and wife. Yes, we do have some rough times and ups and downs… and just like any couples… we also kiss and make up and keep our faith for each other. Yes, our relationship is not perfect… but we are trying our best to keep our love alive. Yes, we will always have trials along the way… and with all the trials we will always have each other... because the roses are still red and will always be red.

Happy Anniversary My Sweetest. I love you… always!

Note: I had to buckle the flowers up in the passenger's seat to bring them home.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! The roses are beautiful! What a nice surprise. Always fun getting flowers at work, even though bringing them home is not always easy--nor is the bill when it comes later.

ruthinian said...

Thanks Karen. Yes you are right bringing them home was really a challenge and the bills too. Nice to hear from you thanks again.

ceej said...

super sweet! sana may bigyan din ako ng flowers someday, or, may magbigay sa akin. hehe =)

ruthinian said...

hahahaha... isn't it about time CJ? How are you doin? been a long time.

Body said...

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dakinkykid said...


betchai said...

HI Ruthi, sorry, I missed your anniversary. For a while I have not been here also since for a while this has been silent, but I am not passing the blame to you, it's my fault for getting lost with time and haven't checked what's up! Sorry to have missed your anniversary again, that was very sweet of hubby!

How are you now? Sorry, have not been logging in at my FS for a while, I am more into blogging. I followed your advise Ruthi, and am doing sponsored posts now, and you are right, we earn a lot more than at Today, pa piso piso lang kasi sa Today.

Miss you.

MaricrisG said...

Aw! So sweet. Congratulations!