Saturday, July 4, 2009

A more beautiful you

Cosmetic surgery is a common thing nowadays. It is as common as your favorite burger from a popular food chain or the banana split from your local ice cream parlor. And is it already considered as a necessity to anybody whose confidence or health is a serious issue to deal with.

We came to know about cosmetic procedures from our favorite celebrities who wanted to look more beautiful than they already are. And it has almost become a celebrity pastime to achieve perfection or to maintain that perfection. But for us who are not celebrities or not even a celebrity-material so to speak, health is more of a serious concern that can challenge personal decision. For example, if someone has big breast that cause her back pains, breast reduction could solve that problem.

Specific basis for health reasons that can be addressed by cosmetic surgery have specific benefits. But not all cosmetic surgery is the same. Its popularity and acquired status symbol among the affluent society paved the way for bogus clinics that can cause more damage than benefit. So be careful.

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