Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day I Thought I will Miss Christmas

I am still not in the mood for blogging! My mind is still not functioning well the way it used to. And I am not so psyched up to do anything just yet.

A couple of week’s back I had so many ideas in mind to discuss on my posts across my 9 blogs. I know I have a lot of backlog on my posts due to a lot of things but I never worry about it because I know too that I can easily spring back up without a problem. But something came up that obstructed my mind frame and I am so bummed out. I am still in shocked due to the recent mishaps that happened to me and my hubby.

I know I owe everyone [at least you my loyal friends who kept coming here and checking on me and my blog] an explanation for my long absence from blogosphere. I'm really sorry for not delivering the goods well on time [whatever that means]. As a serious blogger I know I have an obligation to my passion and my audience.

Of course I have an alibi… a valid one. I had an almost fatal car accident! I almost missed Christmas this year! I almost totally and absolutely would have stopped blogging... for good!

The last photo of my baby before the accident.

My 8-month old baby is gone now. And this is how she looks after that accident. She was hauled away by the towing truck to her final resting place at Moody's and was pronounced "total lost" by the insurance company the following day... giving us enough notice to look for a replacement.

Christmas is the time for thanksgiving and it never really made that great of an impact on me than this year. This Christmas I am so grateful that I was able to celebrate it again with my loved ones.

To read more on the detail of the accidentclick here.

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Anonymous said...

oh man! that's horrible. it's a good thing you are ok