Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Priceless Christmas Gifts

I just started work last December 22nd and obviously, I am not yet entitled to a Christmas bonus. I haven’t even received any salary just yet. The only earnings I got are from my header designing, business card making and a few freelance writings. And with my decent earnings from them, I was able to get my family cheap gifts for Christmas.

I am good at doing digital scrapbooking so I used my talent on making something for Christmas. I did some scrappy thingy for my family this Christmas as my present. They maybe cheap considering the money I spent on them but with the time and effort I put on each gift, they are certainly priceless.

I made some digital scrapbook photos for each one of them and ordered some mugs and have photos printed on them. Oh they so love their personalized mugs. At least I would know whose dirty cup is in the sink and they can wash their own cups this time. LOL.

I also made special DVD movies of all the photos I had on file for each one of them. I have wanted to save those photos on DVD a long time ago so that in case the computer crashes I have a back up file. But I came up with a better idea when I experimented on the DVD maker. I ended up with cool DVD movies with them as the stars. I only bought special software for making and printing the DVD case and labels.

My gifts may not be expensive but I know that my family would always understand if I will not be able to give them expensive gifts. They are indeed very thankful. But we have a saying… it’s the thought that counts. And with all the thoughts I put into making them that made the gifts… priceless.


OFW2OnlineFreelancing said...

You really have a knack on creative work.. quite good to capitalize.. :)


Beth said...

you are a genius! and practical too! I love your ideas, i always wanted to do them pero wala talagang time e, with the kids and all. :D Galing mo!