Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hubby and His Annoying Practices

I had another sleepless night in Maine. Hubby wasn’t able to sleep last night because something was bugging him. We already slept late last night because we watched TV till midnight. I was already snoring the night away for a few minutes when he woke me up. Yes, he woke me up. And yes, it was not the first time he did that. He wakes me up every time he can’t sleep. He wakes me up when something is bothering him. He wakes me up when he can’t wait till morning to tell me things no matter how simple or unimportant they are.

Oh well, Hubby has his ways of doing certain things that really annoy me. And somehow, I am beginning to accept those annoying things as part of what he is. Do I have a choice? No! So why bother whining about it when I know that those annoying things are just the counterpart of some of the annoying things that I myself possess too. Oh yes, Hubby has his counter-attacks every time I would point those annoying things out to him. And he has a point too, that I had to admit.

So what’s the bottom line? Stop whining. Should it be my New Year’s Resolution? Maybe not. Should I get even with him tonight? Maybe yes!

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