Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got shot

I finally got my flu shot today, so I’m all set now for the winter season. I cannot afford to get sick so I have to get vaccinated by Inactivated Influenza Vaccine to protect me from the Influenza Virus that is common during this season. Well, I assume that you all know what I am talking about. My arm where I was pinched is a little sore right now but other than that I’m doing ok.

I also got a flu shot scheduled for Brandon next week. More than anybody else in this household, that kid needs one. This vaccine is very important to children. Read here for more information about the vaccince. Usually the school requires their students to get vaccinated due to obvious reasons. Last year, Brandon had already been vaccinated before they announced that all students should be vaccinated so Brandon got an “A” for that and I got a tap on my shoulder for that too.

My only problem now is Hubby. Of all people he is the most stubborn and hard-headed when it comes to medicine. He didn’t get a flu shot last year and I bet I will not be able to convince him again this year. I don’t know why men are such hard a** when it comes to medicine, doctors, check-up and everything associated with them. My other problem is that when he is sick he would be bitching and complaining a lot and won’t take medicine to get well too. So tell me how will he get better? That is one thing that I am avoiding that is why I want him to get a flu shot… which I will not be surprised at all if he will not have one. Oh Men!


Anonymous said...

It seems as though men are just scaredy cats when it comes to shots. Isn't December kind of late to be getting it?

ruthinian said...

Yes, Karen it' already late. I almost forgot all about it too. My Bad! lol