Friday, December 5, 2008

President Bush Solved My Friend’s Problem

My Pinay friend asked me to go shopping with her the other day. She has not passed her driving test yet so she needs a ride to go down the store. She needs to go to look for grandfather clocks because she needs to replace the one that his father-in-law has in his living room because her 3 year old daughter accidentally broke it when she was playing with her new “Dora The Explorer” pink ball. We went to the Mall and tried to look for something similar to the one her daughter broke but to no avail. We just ended up in a Chinese Buffet Restaurant nearby and feasted on chow mein. LOL

Then I remembered that I had this Grandfather Clocks Blog saved on my “favorites” and came across this post entitled, "Grandfather Clock in background, President Calls to Congratulates President-Elect Obama". The picture of Pres. Bush with the grandfather clock in the background is the same as his FIL’s. So we browsed and found, an amazing website that offers huge stocks of clocks in all sizes, shapes, colors, design and brand names like Howard Miller clocks which is the same clock that his Father-in-law has in his living room and ordered it online.

Whew, and with that we both said... Pres. Bush saved our day and solved our problem [sort of] too.

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tara @ kidz said...

Stopping by through momblogs and I'm glad I did. Love your blog!