Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Bribe that saved my day

Hubby came home late the other night.

It was already passed 8 in the evening and I haven’t eaten any supper yet. I always wait for Hubby during suppertime so that we can eat together and talk about how our day was. Apparently, we lost track of time and didn’t realize that it was passed suppertime. He was still at his friend’s house where he was working on some housing renovation and just hanging out with some guys. I called him on the phone and knowing that he was in big trouble he said that he was already opening his truck’s door and about to go home.

I was still in the computer when I heard him drove into the driveway. When he opened the door he defensively said… “Mark got some lobsters for you”, and he was grinning because he knows I love lobsters. I didn’t say anything but to put the lobster in the refrigerator. I was thinking of grilling them.

This morning he called me over the phone to say that he is coming home and asked what did I prepare for him for lunch. I said “lobster sandwich”. The lobster that he brought home the other night as his bribe [so that I will not nag him] turned out to be his lunch today. He was the one who benefited from his own bribe. And he was the one who enjoyed his own bribe. Oh well, the bribe saved me some trouble on thinking what to feed him anyway. It surely saved my day.

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