Friday, December 12, 2008

Out-of-Stock Rice

It supposed to snow today. It is reported that we will have an ice storm tonight. And it is expected that we will have power outages all over the state by tomorrow. But I still have to do errand before it happens.

I went up to my friend’s house this morning and brought some Christmas gift wrappers and scotch tape. I had my special Christmas present for Hubby up there so I have to wrap it before he would find out about it. I also went up to my friend’s house today to have a little chit-chat. But unlike my previous visits, we didn’t feast on Pinoy food this time. For a change... we did not eat rice today. She ran out of jasmine rice so she didn’t cook any rice at all. Apparently, the Asian Stores in Portland are out-of-stock of jasmine rice so we need to deal with Chinese take-outs if we really need to have our rice diet.

I only stayed at my friend’s house till before noontime. The snow started to fall while I was wrapping the present. And I drove in the snow going back home. It was my first time to drive in a snow. I was really very very careful and a bit scared. But then everything turned out ok. I was able to reach home safe and unharmed.

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PinayWAHM said...

Uh rice? I tried not eating rice for a few days in my 'attempt' to lose weight. I lost some but I had this nasty stomach situation the whole time so I decided to go back into eating rice. I better find another way to lose the extra poundage...

Hi Ruthi....visiting you here...musta?