Friday, December 5, 2008

Blogging Coma

I’m not in the mood to do anything today. My dirty dishes are sitting comfortably on the sink… still dirty. It’s a normal thing to me, so don’t worry I will manage pretty good, thank you. Lol. This is just one of those moments when my mind is too numbed to think of anything. It could be the weather. It was 17 degrees this morning. It could be the day of the week. It’s Friday and I just love to take things easy… kick back… and relax. It could be the exhaustion from blogging too. I am having a yet another blogging coma.

Blogging coma is a sickness that all bloggers suffer from when you are overloaded with information from browsing and blog hopping. It is a disorder that is common among bloggers whose life’s support system is based on cyber arena. It is a virtual disease plaguing bloggers who are online seeking and finding satisfaction from blogosphere. It is highly contagious too like virus. Good for the computers because they can have antivirus software to keep it running. Too bad, there is no antivirus software for the computer users or bloggers to keep them going.

Blogging coma is a condition. It is a serious condition but not necessarily hopeless. It is contagious but not necessarily fatal. It is common but not necessarily everyone can get infected. It could only be me. Hayyyy!

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Milly said...

Ahh, so maybe that's what I'm coming down with..glad it's not fatal haha.