Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shopping Galore Mishap

I was trying to buy my Christmas presents online a few minutes ago. I already placed special order of my choice gifts for my family and friends and was about to check out when I was prompted… your paypal account is not sufficient to pay your bill. Oooops!

I have been in a shopping galore mood in the past couple of weeks. Guess I had to adapt a new saying... Once a shopaholic always a shopaholic. I got the hang of online shopping for some special products and from some special online stores because the products are cheaper and shipping is free. I already received the first order a couple of days back and I am now awaiting my second order and shipment. But this supposedly online purchase that I was making a few minutes ago was a disaster because apparently I over-spent the last time I shopped.

Oh well, that is what shopping is all about. Whether you are shopping like a normal person in a normal store or you are shopping like a virtual person in an online store… you are bound to experience over-spending or worse become a compulsive [online] shopaholic.

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