Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say it with Nails

… I mean it literally!

What do you expect? I am a woman… so do the math. Hahahaha.

I am a woman to the max. And when I say to the max - I mean it just that. I love all things beautiful. I love to tease my Hubby with fancy things that I put on myself like make-up, perfume, sweet scented body lotion and yes… well manicured finger and toe nails. He finds them sexy. *wink*

When I was still in the Philippines the Beauty Parlor was my regular weekend destination for my regular beauty spa. I frequented the saloons for my regular beauty treatment. And I practically live in a spa on weekends having whatever treatment I have not yet tried in their list. It was indeed very liberating.

When I came here in the US, I have been to a Beauty Parlor twice just to get a hair cut. I can’t afford to do what I was doing in the Philippines because it isn’t practical anymore. But I will never sacrifice my well-manicured nails so I do my own nails now. And good thing I found OPI nail polish from They have all the coolest selections of nail polish and the hottest nails accessories in the planet. has the largest inventory of nail polish online. They have over 3,000 shades of nail polish on stock to choose from. Who could beat that? And with that, whenever I need something from Hubby... I say it with my [well-manicured] nails.

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