Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Give the "Other" Woman a Chance

I had my yearly general physical check-up today. Actually, the appointment is both for me and Hubby. But Brandon came home sick last night from his Grammy’s and he was throwing up all night so we brought him with us too for check up. Hubby sacrificed his appointment with our Health Care provider for Brandon whose child well care is scheduled by January next year. Hubby’s appointment is moved to January too.

I had my general physical check-up today and it was indeed physical, quite literally. I got a Pap smear and breast check-up and boy, it was really painful. It was my 3rd Pap smear already and I kinda know what to expect because I’ve done it a couple of times before. But still, I felt kinda awkward and uncomfortable with it. With the breast check-up, it was my very first time so I was caught off guard. I never realized how painful it was. The doctor kneaded my breast so hard like kneading bread dough, it was so throbbing. She said it was a good sign because if I don’t feel anything, it means that I have a lump and that means… a possible case of breast cancer.

I had a physical check-up today and I got referred to a specialist. I will have another check up with an OB Gyne and a Mammogram for further physical assessment and evaluation before the year ends or early next year. Though I am afraid of these exams, I definitely wanted to go because I know I need it. I am already 43 years old and women my age should be doing these. I have a cousin who died of cervical cancer this year and my MIL had her left breast removed last year due to breast cancer. There is no way I will take things for granted now. I was hoping you my friends out there are taking extra care of yourselves too because trust me, there are lots of women out there waiting their chance to take our place in our husbands’ life. Don't give them a chance. LOL [Just kidding.]

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