Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun and Educational Toys

Brandon has been telling everyone what he likes for Christmas. He has been giving us some hints of what he wants for Christmas. And has been revealing his wish list to everyone he knows even in school. Apparently, he likes to have all the toys he sees on TV commercials. Oh well, what do you expect from kids?

I have already bought a few presents online. But when it comes for toys, I am kinda fussy especially for Brandon. Considering that he is a special kid, I want to give him something that will help him develop some skills. I want a toy that is not just fun to play with but educational as well. Good thing his teacher told me to check out, an online toy store where they offer huge stocks of cool and fun toys for kids of all ages. She told me that she got some magnet most popular toys for her own kids for Christmas too.

So I checked it out and I got Brandon the MagNext iCoaster toy at very reasonable price. The iCoaster is a build-your-own magnetic rollercoaster complete with drops, jumps, loops and DJ mixes [for sound effects]. Brandon will surely like it because he likes building and putting together different parts to make something out. And what I like most about iCoaster is that it combines sight, sound and speed for a more exciting experience. It also uses extreme magnetic force to run the high-tech design toy and it applies some ultra-cool physics too. Isn't that educational or what?

They say Christmas is for kids and if it so, I want to make sure that my kid will really have the best gift that will help him learn some skills and have fun too. What about you?

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