Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Priceless Reaction

This is indeed a week late post. I’m so sorry about that but as you may all know by now I have a huge posts backlog all across my 9 blogs. No, I'm not in a blogging coma. It’s still about the car accident issue of course. It’s only now that I gather enough guts, time, effort and mood to write again. And since I have a new job, my blogging has to take the backseat for now too so that added to my valid reasons for not blogging. But I am not totally worried because as I have said before, writing is my passion and will always be.

This is a week late post about Christmas. I have not written anything about Christmas Day because the accident happened before Christmas. It was indeed a sad moment for us. But I am grateful that we were ok and were able to celebrate Christmas just the same.

And so last Christmas we opened our gifts just like anybody else in this planet. The kids were very happy to receive their wish lists though they were not as many as last year. Of course, Brandon was the most excited of all because of the toys he got. He has new video games and robots and movies and what not. And if Brandon was happy about his gift I bet for sure that Hubby was indeed very happy with what I got him for Christmas.

I got Hubby a whole case of San Miguel Beer! He so loved that beer the first time he tasted it in the Philippines. Too bad I have to go to Boston to get it for $8.65 for 6 packs. I got a good deal though when I bought one case because I only paid 32$ for 24 packs. Oh well, I may only had over 2$ less on the price of the beer but the glow in his eyes when he opened his gift is… priceless.

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