Saturday, October 19, 2013

Californication Foodies (Part 1)

My California vacation in 2010 was one of the most memorable vacations I had. The highlight of the trip was basically food. Well, that and - shopping!

From the day I flew in from Maine to the time I was about to board the plane out of LAX... food was involved.

So to give you an idea of my food experience I decided to present my food-opportunity-of-sort with matching photos to drool on. LOL.
As soon as my cousin Joey and her most loyal boyfriend JV picked me up at the Union Station, JV drove us straight to Salu-Salo Restaurant where I had my first Pinoy food in California.
The next day, I had a hearty meal at a Thai Restaurant near Joey's condo unit with Carmen - one of my favorite students (shhhhhh) in High School.
After 4 years of being in America, I finally got the chance to have my favorite siopao from Chowking when I met up with my long time friend Ate Emz whom I have not seen for over a decade.
And during this vacation, I finally met in person 3 amazing "virtual" friends I met through blogging. My TSS Sistahs are no longer "virtual", they are for real and our friendship grown stronger and deeper.

Yes, this is only a partial treat of my food adventure in California. As the title says... Part 1 - therefor, you are in for more tasty treats as I will give you 4 parts of this tasty adventure of mine. Chow!

This is one of 'MERICA Posts Series. A regular post dedicated to my HOME away from home.

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