Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Veggie Salad Bar

The Veggie Salad Bar is not your grandma's salad platter. It's not even "old school" salad platter.
It's the level up in "salad" department. So yeah, I upgraded the salad bar into this new "veggie salad bar".
I'm trying my best to live a healthier life style so the salad bar duringHubby's birthday was a refreshing take to set up a different kind of salad platter.
Those cute glasses containers where I put the celery, baby carrots and cuke sticks are votive candle holders I got from the Dollar store.
The green and blue bowls are also from the Dollar store. They compliment the color theme of Hubby's birthday party.
Cutting the pineapple in this particular way made an artistic presentation for the salad bar too.
And I put the dressing in that blue goblet that matches the setting too.
At the end, I realized that this salad bar is not just an upgrade in healthier lifestyle but in party planning as well.

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