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Maine Shopping Attractions

First of all, I am a recovering shop-a-holic. LOL I really don't know if there is such a thing but whatever. Shopping for me is not really my main priority. I just shop on "if-need-be" basis.

Second of all, I don't really post anything about my shopping spree online for fear of being tagged as a "brag or show-off". But I think I need to write about my shopping experiences now for "if-need-be" reasons.
Who doesn't love bargains like this one?

Well, I have noticed on several blogs that most bloggers are now writing and posting about their shopping escapades. A lot of them are mostly product reviews and tips on where to find bargains and sales to help shoppers. Some of them are giving helpful alternatives to shoppers to choose wisely. But a few of them are using these kind of posts for online monetizing reasons. And in that case... I am joining the band wagon.
And who doesn't love the thrill of acquiring "on sale" stuff like these?

So, whether you like it or not. I will be posting stuff about shopping, bargains, clearances, discounts, on sale items, 75% off, 90% off and whatever "off" there would be around Maine.

And I will be giving tips and ideas where to find some cool items at discounted prices. I will also write some reviews of products and stores. Note however, that my reviews are all 100% mine and they will not in any way be influenced by the store or the product manufacturers. Just to be clear, I have it written in my disclosure policy about my views on specific things that I am writing about. So you can check it out HERE.

So here is a short list of MY Maine shopping attractions. These are several of may go-to-stores that I where I am having if-need-be shopping moments. Just to let you know, they are not paying me "right now" for writing and  mentioning them here in my post. But I will be happy to write about them and get pay for it in the near future. So watch out! LOL
1. Walmart. It's the happiest place on earth. wink* This is where I go to to find practically anything and everything and I do pay less here. This was the very first place I drove to when I got my license. LOL.
2. Big Lots - They got lots of cool stuff on discounted price. I usually get emails from them every week to let me know what items are on sale. Yeah, where kinda close, you know. hahaha
3. Marshalls - This is my shopping haven for designer goods and I don't pay full price for them. Going to Marshalls is always a good shop-portunity. And on certain days you will get lucky to get items priced at $1.
4. Hannaford - This is where I do my grocery shopping. There are items that are priced low here on certain days. I love their organic produce because they are reasonable priced.
5. Dollar Tree - Yeah, just what the store says - everything here is a "buck". From food to toiletries, from diner ware to party supplies... everything is a dollar. This is where I get most of my party planning supplies.
6. Goodwill - This place is where you can find rare treasures. This is a thrift shop but I do find some brand new things here too. This is where I bring my old stuff too for them to sell. This is a store for all the good reasons. 
Photo Credit: From the internet.

7. The Christmas Tree Shop - Yes, it's Christmas all year round in Maine. This is one of the best places to find anything at discounted price Christmas or not.
Photo Credit: From the internet.

8. Target - Lots of cool items here at low price too.
Photo Credit: From its Facebook Account... Here

9. Marden's. Oh I tell you, when you find an item here that you really really really like... buy it because if you don't you will regret it. As the song goes - "you should have bought it when you saw it at Marden's!" Yeah, that's how it is because I learned my lesson hard here.
Photo credit: Kendra

10. Nordstrom Rack - This is my newest go-to store for one item... shoes! Oh yes, they got my size. They have sizes 4, 41/2, 5, and 51/2. And they got them in stilettos too but not in stilettos-high price.

There you go. Those are the places where I go when I need to relax, recharge and spend some "me-time". But be aware too that when I go to those stores... most of the time I don't buy. I just want to check items and dream about them. So don't judge me! LOL.

Sometimes, a woman just needs a place to relax... a hobby... and a sports.  For me, it's walking in the store. wink*

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