Sunday, October 27, 2013

Californication Day 6 (Part 1): What did happen in Vegas

Our Sta Monica escapade which concluded my 5th day in California technically ended with a hearty meal at one of the restaurants that Carmen brought us to. Too bad I was too overwhelmed to even remember where it was and the name of the food I ordered. Anyway, the following day we woke up early to take my first trip out of L.A. with my dear cousin Joey.
Snow-capped mountain

Our destination... Las Vegas, Nevada!
Arriving early that morning at the strip.

The trip took only about a couple of hours so we got there early for sight seeing. We stayed at the Excalibur Hotel and at this early in the morning, Vegas was just a typical sleeping town... sleepy.
Joey and I were the only souls in the street at this early so we can't ask anybody to take our photos together.

But when the night fell, I was amazed how the city was transformed. It was simply magical. We wasted no time in the Sin City. Right after we checked-in in our hotel, we hit the strip and explored every nook and cranny there is until night fall.
 In front of the Caesar's Palace.

We checked out almost all the hotels and casinos just like any other tourist for that matter. The sights and sounds were too overwhelming for a country girl like me. I didn't like it.
Inside the Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino
A little tired checking out all the trendy boutiques.
Colorful glass art at the ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel Lobby.
The Fountain. For now - but will surely have a repeat of this in Roma soon. wink*
The strip came alive when when the night falls.

And of course, as for me and my cousin, vacation will not be complete without checking out the "happiest place on the planet." Wink***
After an hour of browsing and getting awed by the wonderful collections inside this wonderful place on earth... we left happy. It was indeed amazing how that "little blue box" made me happy! Just a hindsight. wink***

It was a little chilly that particular night and it spitted snow for few minutes as we headed back to our hotel. It was so funny how the people in this part of America was so excited to see snow when we in my part of America dreaded it. LOL.

We went to bed early to recharge and refresh for the next day's hectic schedule. Thus, Vegas Part 1 officially ends at lights off.


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betchai said...

hahaha, so true! in the morning, Las Vegas is sleeping!!!!! you wonder where all the people are. Las Vegas does not sleep? Nah, it does! In the morning!!!!!

Lamielle said...

Glad your back amiga. Lovely photos :)