Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Window Shopping with my BFFs

Last weekend, Lerna - a Filipino friend from Massachusetts came for a visit. Medy, Lerna and I were kinda tired of just hanging out at home cooking and eating Filipino food so we decided to go "window shopping" in South Portland.

Since Medy nor Lerna can't drive, I assigned myself as the official driver of the day. And since I am the only one who knows South Portland (where most of the stores are) by heart I was also the official Tour Guide.
Our first stop was the Nordstrom Rack. We browsed all the designer brand items but there was nothing we really liked. Or shall I say, there was nothing our purses liked. But Medy was happy to find out that they got our shoe size there - 4, 4 1/2,  and 5. We didn't buy anything and that explains why we went out of the store without shopping bags on hand.
Next store was Target. Since it was literally just a stone throw from Nordstrom Rack we decided to check it out too. Medy and I liked a pair of red boots but we were not too crazy about it. So we left the store without shopping bags too. We were so proud of ourselves. Two stores in a row and we were still in control.
From there I drove straight to the Mall but we didn't go in the Mall. We went to TJ Maxx which is right outside the Mall. We met some Fiipinas there browsing on some clearance racks too. And no we didn't get anything too so no shopping bags either.
From there, we went to visit TJ Maxx's big brother, Marshalls. We spent another 30 minutes browsing and checking out clearance racks too but we didn't find anything worth spending our money on. So no shopping bags too.
Then off to the Christmas Tree Shops. We didn't spend a lot of time there but we did buy something. I bought  Pringles and a pack of cough drops. Lerna bought tea and Pringles too. Medy didn't get anyhting but at last we finally left a store with shopping bags.
We ended our window shopping galore at Marden's. Lerna found a nice backpack-style bag and did not have second thoughts on buying it. She purchased that baby in a heartbeat.
She paid $2.99 for that cute thingy. Woohooo!!! We got a great bargain. Mission accomplished. And we left the store with shopping bags.
It was indeed another day of shopping adventure. On our way home we planned for our next shopping escapades in another shopping town. wink*

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betchai said...

love your story as always Ruthi, leaving every store almost without shopping bags, wow, that very cute backpack is a steal for $2.99, where can I find that?