Saturday, October 26, 2013

Between Shopping and Bonding

It was a night before Christmas... and I was exhausted. I wrapped presents until 12 midnight. I had to wrap a minimum of 5 different presents for Hubby, Brandon, my 2 step-daughters and my in-laws. I already downsized the number of presents I would be giving to each one of them this year because budget is really tight. However, it was still taxing just to wrap the presents.

It was Christmas Eve and earlier I was with my only Pinay BFF here in Maine, rounding up some stores in town for the last minute shopping for our Christmas presents for loved ones.

Christmas Eve is always the best time go shopping. No panic [that is at least my personal opinion] and no rush. I get what I get and that's all about it. Well, I already did a few shopping right after Christmas last year and I was just really there to drive my friend because she needed a ride.

Oh well, what do you expect? It was a nice balmy day, the sun was out, with no frost... and BFFs like us surely need to bond to strenghten their friendship. And there is no other way to do that than... shopping!

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