Monday, October 21, 2013

My $1 Shopping Spree

Nothing gives me a real thrill than finding a real-honest-to-goodness bargain at the store. Just imagine yourself walking in at Nordstrom Rack and being greeted by this amazing collections of designer sunglasses at 75% off. Good right? No! These designer sunglasses cost range from $85 - $125 a pair.  So I just walked away.
But that incident did not dampen my spirit a bit. I just continued browsing and checking things out and viola! I found an entire rack of active wear on clearance.
I did not have second thoughts. I grabbed what I can handle and splurged. For everything on it was on 75% to 98% off.
So would you pass on that kind of opportunity? I won't! So let's have a little fun here. Or shall I say - Let me brag about it!
1. Marika Dri Fit Top: Original price - $42. Clearance - $1. Savings - $41. (I bought 3 of them in different colors.)
2. Nike Tennis Sports Dress: Original Price - $50. Clearance - $1. Savings - $49.
3. American Buddha Yoga Tops: Original price - $42. Clearance - $1. Savings - $41.
4. American Buddha Yoga Sports Bra: Original Price - $42. Clearance - $1. Savings $41.
Let's do some Math. Yeah, I hate Math but this time, I love it. This is the only kind of Mathematical problem that I love to do. Seriously! LOL

Here we go.
So, you don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out. I spent $4 (plus Maine taxes) on 6 items which would have cost me $260 if they were not on clearance and had a total savings of $254 since they were on clearance. 

Now, can you blame me for being a shop-a-holic again? Don't judge me! LOL.

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