Monday, October 21, 2013

My 1st Football Game ever

I learned to love football when I came here in Maine but I have not watched a real football game till a couple of weeks ago.
Maya, Medy's daughter is in the cheering team and that gave us an opportunity to watch a real football game.
Maya is cheering for the Hawks. It was indeed fun to see the cheer leaders doing their routine in their blue and white cheering outfit. I think they are cute.
The game started with a brief ceremony with the National Anthem being sang.
The game started and we watched how the players tackled each other. It was an intense game but not as intense as the way the professionals do.
But for my Filipina friends and I, we were more excited for Maya and not for the game. We enjoyed watching Maya did her routines. She was a natural in the field.
The Hawks had a hard time with this game I guess. The ball was was intercepted a couple of times during the first quarter. And they remained zero point till the "half time".
Still Zero for the Home Team.
My friends getting bored watching the game. LOL
Maya with Mom - Medy.
Maya with Me and her Mom, Medy.
My Filipina friends.

We didn't finish watching the game. After Maya's presentation we left to... what else - eat! LOL. It was fun though. Too bad Hawks lost to whoever it was they playing against with. Yeah, we didn't bother to ask who their opponent was. We were there for Maya only, so why bother. wink*

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