Monday, October 28, 2013

Californication Day 7 (Part 2): Nothing Happened in Vegas

We woke up early the following day despite the fact that we went to bed late. As tourists, we didn't want to waste time in bed because we are on a mission. We need to cover as much of Vegas as our schedule would allow.
So we hit the strip early in search of Pinoy breakfast.
A Filipino Restaurant we found at the strip.
 My favorite comfort food - Tocilog.

Did a little walk along the strip.
Checked out some stores.
Went souvenir shopping.
 Cranking up this little machine for souvenir coins to add to our collection.
Had fun people watching.
 Inside the hotels... it's always night time.
And just enjoyed the sight around us.
It was also our last day in Vegas. We checked out a little early. While waiting for our bus to L.A. we banged some slot machines. After all we are in Vegas and it's not complete if you don't do a little gambling, right?
I did win though but lost too.

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