Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The "S" Word

The "S" word. No, it's not "snow". Neither it is the nasty one. Nor the inappropriate one for a wholesome blog like this. It's all about the most important thing for women of all ages, sizes, shapes and color.  It stands for SHOES! You dirty-minded! LOL
This MK flat pair is one of my favorites. And I got it @ 50% off from Marshall's.
The pedicure was free. I'm too cheap to get a professional one. wink*

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betchai said...

i do my own nails too, i call in nail therapy :) i only had one experience paying someone to do the pedicure for me, and i won't repeat it anymore, it robbed me of my therapeutic time to work on my nails, and didn't like it a bit :)

lovely feet, and sandals :)